December 6, 2008

I went to Gus Van Sant's Milk last night. I didn't like it very much. Terrible soundtrack, bad script, good acting, uninteresting editing, good cinematography. Too bad.


Francois Miron said...

I went to the new Gus Van Sant movie ‘Milk’ last night and my opinion is even worse! I thought the sound track was worse than terrible, and I thought it was even worse than a bad script. I, unlike you, thought the acting was terrible and NOT good. And as far as editing goes, I thought it was beneath contempt. I am surprised that you liked the cinematography, I would say –that; is too bad. So you can tell that I have a much better opinion of movies, a much more complicated approach with higher standards. You can tell I am a cool person because I don’t like the things that you like; I would say it was a terrible movie and anyone who says more is wrong (waving hands in baseball ‘safe’ position)..... am I cool enough for you yet?

jon said...

ha ha. francois miron is funny.

it is too bad to hear. i had grown to anticipate van sant movies. paranoid park was good, but even with it i was underwhelmed.

nathan davies said...

did you just say you were underwhelmed with paranoid park jon? next time i see you i am going to punch you in the crotch.

nathan davies said...

i guess i should say that i am very much looking forward to seeing 'milk'. van sant rocks my world like few others in film do.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...


Gus Van Sant has a pretty good record of world rocking for me too, but I'll be surprised if 'Milk' does it for you Nathan. Not that it's a bad movie; just a little sentimental, more than a little conventional, and -Sean Penn's pretty great performance aside- relatively forgettable. It's about on par with 'Finding Forester.'


As for finding Paranoid Park underwhelming: I respect that. It's got to be subjective at some point, especially when it's a difference of degree.

jon said...

can't wait to see nathan again.

for me paranoid park was good, just not great.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Yeah, remind me to cover myself next time I disagree with Nathan about a film.

Imaginary conversation:

Nathan: What did you think of John Huston's 'The Dead'?

Me: It was really good.

Nathan: What do you mean "it was really good"?! It was AMAZING.

Me: yeah, I liked it.

Nathan: Liked it?! LIKED it!?! It's an absolutely flawless piece of cinema; capable of changing your perspective on EVERYTHING. You're not allowed to just like it. You have to worship it!

Me: Ouch, my balls!