December 8, 2008


Make a choice: which team are you on? A, B, or C?

A) Abbas Kiarostami once said:

"I like movies that put me to sleep in the theater but keep me awake at night."

B) Alfred Hitchcock once said:

"Cinema is life with the dull bits taken out."

C) Some French critic I read a few years ago said:

"Pure cinema is making women look beautiful."

I watched Aki Kuarismaki's Shadows in Paradise yesterday. Great, great film.

I'm off to Alberta to work and visit family over Christmas break. My posts will likely be infrequent until January.


jon said...

i don't know. i guess i'll take B, but even then i think the dull bits can make for some of the most interesting films, done right.

if you are in/near edmonton at all with any free time to spare, send me an email . . .

Anonymous said...

I take "c". because the quote limits a lot less than the other two. "women" and "Beautiful" can mean so many things......

plus French cinema. ah, mystery of art.

Enjoy GP and area. I hear that nothing is new.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

I won't be near Edmonton, unfortunately.

Jeff said...

I think I lean towards "A".

Although, ironically, some of the most "action-packed" movies put me to sleep. There's just nothing to think about when you're watching them.

Anonymous said...

case and point: the new "Hulk" movie. all the action achieves is ...loudness.

nathan davies said...

i'm going to go with 'A'. although the sexiest women ever are on film from france in the '60's. so there's that.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

I'm picking 'A' as well. But Jeff's right that action movies are also soporific.

I fell asleep in Pirates 3. When I woke up thirty minutes later someone was doing something in slow motion and there was an explosion behind them. So I closed my eyes again.

I like what Hitchcock says though. A lot of film-makers I love share that view.

As for C -well... okay, I'm going with C instead.

No, I'll stick with A.