December 9, 2008

Michael Ignatieff: Leader of the Official Opposition

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Michael Ignatieff will probably be the new Liberal leader!!!

I've mentioned him many times on this site. I think he's one of the most inspiring figures to arise in Canadian politics in a long time. I don't know if that will translate into electoral success (voters, and the media, can be really stupid), but I hope it does.

My favourite thing about him: that his idealism is not lazy. He doesn't hide behind it. In other words, he's the oppositie of Jack Layton.

Get introduced to Mr. Ignatieff by reading CBC's summary of him here. If you want to learn more about him read one of his books (I reccomend The Lesser Evil) or, if you're not wanting to commit to an entire book, read one of the many articles he has written (many of which are linked on his wikipedia site).

One of the best pieces of political thinking I've encountered lately is an article Ignatieff wrote for the New York Times last year. Read it here.

Download the mp3 of a lecture Ignatieff gave on American foreign policy only a few months before getting into Canadian politics. He says the kind of off-the-cuff things politicians are unable to. Find it here.

He's got a lot of critics, and many of them are intelligent, reasonable people with valid criticisms. Read them too. Please do. There's a critical article here. Google "Ignatieff critics" for more.

When you're finished reading his critics read this. I couldn't write a better response to his critics than that article.

I don't really love the Liberal party in Canada (or any party, for that matter), but I'm fully supportive of Michael Ignatieff. I feel so optimistic about Canada now, knowing that Ignatieff is probably going to become leader of the official opposition.
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