November 18, 2008

Drawings VI

Okay. I'm off for a week. This blog is out of control. Next posting on the 25th.

But please do comment. I love the comments.


joel said...

Hey, check out ithaca for Ben's conclusion

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your allusion to Gramsci's subaltern - especially the second, and the one that resembles a grid. A net to keep the subaltern hidden beneath dominant ideology: reinforcing the inaccessibility of the centre from the periphery of the periphery.

I love the sarcasm of "It was forever ago" and the Spivakian rethinking/unlearning evident in some of your others.

Keep on you Saidian intellect.

dedipoa! hurrah!

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...



Umm, so on the first sentence I was confused. On the second I laughed. I kept smiling through the rest. At the end I googled some of your terms.

They're real. Kindof.

How much work did you put into this post?

Woe. Gramsci's Subaltern. Wicked.

It turns out I'm unnaturally gifted at Spivakian unlearning. Who knew?

Subaltern! Who makes these words?

Anonymous said...

I started off the post as a sort of joke, but then as I continued typing I found myself meaning what I said, and pulling out more and more theory. I didn't put that much work into the post - if you dont include the work I put into my literary theory class.

Subaltern is the coolest idea I have come across this week.

I am infinitely pleased that you googled the terms, and laughed/smiled, since the laugh and smile was the founding purpose.I am also pleased that you learned some things.

There is a whole literary area founded by the "Subaltern Group".