November 18, 2008

Old Songs (New to Me)

Dennis Wilson - Farewell My Friend

This whole Pacific Ocean Blue album is pretty rock solid.

Bob Dylan - Tell Me That It Isn't True

Not exactly new for me. What's new though, is my conclusion after 867 listens that it's my all time favourite Bob Dylan song.

This and Wallflower (in the video).

Free Kitten - Sex Boy


Starflyer 59 - Good Sons

Starflyer can be hit and miss. Too polished and/or imitational. But this is a hit.

Spiritualized - Step Into the Breeze

I can't find a link. But trust me -download it. Or buy the Lazer-Guided Melodies album here.

Guided By Voices - The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory

I can't find links to this one either. But it's spectacular. The entire Bee Thousand album is great.

Dolly Parton - Down from Dover

Great pedal steel.

Cocteau Twins - Lorelai, and Musette and Drums

I had no idea. Some of their stuff is a little too much for me. Or way too much. But, the great ones are really great.

I've got to do some homework. I'm posting here way too much.

Tomorrow maybe I'll post some more drawings. And then I vow to take a full week off and write some damned essays.

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