January 24, 2012

The Structure?

post by NAMERS


s$s said...

in compliance with orders from sSs: no words.


s$s said...

Not "no words." Fewer. Although your post, 'The Torment,' was fine because the images balanced the words.

s$s said...

Also, No -this is not the structure. Good guess.

Boyda said...

I am becoming increasingly interested in these...characters? personas? ideas? names? categories? anti-categories? mystical steps? fragments of wholeness?


Maybe I should read more William S. Burroughs.

s$s said...

"mystical steps"

are closest.

When you wrote a comment about the website fragmenting... that was the closest of all.

But after fragmenting, then what?

There is a next step.

s$s said...

oh, and I don't think Burroughs would be much help in figuring out what is happening here -which even I do not know. Nor Ummo. Nor even Matthew -though I suspect he has the a much fuller grasp than me.

But Burroughs would help you, perhaps, get a glimpse of the foundation(lessness) of it all.

Is that unbearably impenetrable? Sorry. I'm not trying to be dense. That's not the point. This riddle has a point beyond nonsense. I promise. I don't know what it is, in words. What I can say is that the riddle is hoping to guide you into its answer.



Jon Coutts said...

foundationless, or beyond our foundationalisms? not sure why I pretend I have a clue what I'm talking about. I would like to register that I was duly fragmented and intrigued by those images.

s$s said...

I am certain I do not know what the word Foundationalism would mean. I doubt even the internetsSs could help me.

...except I was wrong. wikipedia tells me Foundationalism is any theory in epistemology that holds that beliefs are justified based on what are called 'basic beliefs.'

So, now can I get a definition for the definition?

erm, so i skimmed around online and i think i can say that foundationalism isn't all that related to what (i think) is happening here with me and the others.

Jon Coutts said...

well, I've lost what I was asking so no worries. I don't think wikipedia is what I meant but, like I said, its gone.

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