January 8, 2012

sSs EP

'Cen eTe neR' is Bleeders' favourite track on this little EP.

Namers' favourite has a title that can not be written on the internet
because it contains "illegal characters."

Sinners likes the secret song best.

Please download sSs here.


Curator of Temple Art said...

Hey Mishalla Chronoisius, I really like this 'secret song' and I agree with Sinner's that life is best served cold.

This sounds like the olden Matthaias days of yore, back when the Blue Sky and Quebec City Dejavu rained in water dropplets... those were colder days than now...

s$s said...

That's a lot of Sinners references.

Boyda said...

s$s, sometimes (quite rarely these days) a song makes me freeze whatever I'm doing and look around, only to perceive normal objects in the room I inhabit in an entirely new way. It makes me close my eyes and just listen, completely betraying my regular-boyda impulse to continue multi-tasking and troll away through whatever paper I happen to be reading/writing.

yYy was that kind of song for me.

Boyda said...

Check that--I simply adore this album.

It's funny--during that interlude in Cen eTe neR, beginning with the kitty purr, my kitten Theo was experiencing deep REM sleep. He was twitching his ears and paws around and everything. I imagined that what I was experiencing during that portion of the music was akin to what he was experiencing. It seemed very appropriate.

s$s said...

oh gosh and hooray, Boyda!!!

and, umm, yeah -that interlude could totally be a representation of a cat dreaming. I like that.

I miss my old cat, Minou. Truly, deeply. An Egyptian god once told me the cat's true name was Wuhnimunthiss. I was skeptical. Still am. But surely its name wasn't Minou.