January 6, 2012

ist T ts!

From the forthcoming sSs EP. Full-screen and headphones or good stereo please.

sSs is illiterate. In fact, she/he has never learned to speak a language, other than glossolalia.

Film is better, but digital is easier and cheaper, so this little movie is digital.


Anonymous said...

I swear I saw some faces in there. I was glad to see moving images from you. yea. Sylvain

s$s said...

yeah, it had been too long since my last movie. I had so much fun with this one I think I'll be making a lot more soon. Hopefully.

s$s said...

I like that you saw faces. I really like that. I see all kinds of things: angels, demons, and complex shapes that suggest something beyond what I am able to comprehend.

Sylvain, sometimes I try to take photographs (digital), but they never turn out like yours. You've got a magic eye. I don't understand how you do it.