January 19, 2012

The Excluded Middle

We can never get close to the truth except through lying. -Abbas Kiarostami

We deny the earth principle of the third excluded term (the excluded middle enunciated by Aristotle) according to which propositions can only be true or false. The whole ontology of terrestrial thinkers is saturated with expressions like "to be," "I am not," "I exist," without any option for other forms of different content.
Unless you yourselves clarify your forms of informative communication, the process of seeking the truth will be very laborious and slow. -UMMO
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There is no such thing as the mafia. -J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI

images are details from paintings. In order they are San Bruno by Francisco Ribalta, Saint Peter Martyr by Fra Angelico, and The Egyptian God Harpocrates by Jan Harmensz Muller

post by Namers (how's that sSs? Better?)


s$s said...

Yes. Better.

Boyda said...

Do you know that sometimes your blog does strange things? It splits up into a number of fragments as I scroll down. Or, it overlaps with a different internet tab, so that I can see them both.

This comment is not unrelated.

Jon Coutts said...

those painting details are magnificent.

s$s said...

My blog is magic. There is all sorts of fragmenting going on, on-screen and off.

But I did not know sinnersbleeders did these things you describe. Is it a nice, weird thing, or an "I can't read that word 'cos it's hidden by that image, and -screw it all, this sucks!" sort of thing?

yeah, amazing, right? Especially that Muller one. I checked out his other paintings, and they're interesting, but that one is so so so bizarre.

Boyda said...

No, it's a nice, weird thing. Your blog becomes a virtual accordion, and I think all potential metaphors implicated in that image are relevant.

But it is a bit annoying to see my gmail screen behind your gorgeous painting thumbnails. I go to your blog to escape email.

Maybe your blog is trying to tell me something.