December 31, 2011


Women. Calgary, 2008-2010

Internet says maybe they broke up. Maybe.

OK fine. Break up if you want. But please PLEASE PLEASE!!! make at least one more album.

When Namers, Bleeders, and Sinners saw WOMEN live in Montreal in 2009 in support of their first album WOMEN we arrived so early no one else was there. The bass player was talking to a girl on the street. The bar wasn't even open. So we walked around the neighbournood 'till the bar opened and then we sat drinking 'till the opening bands played. We got tipsy on cheap, lousy Quebec beer. We were early enough for the soundcheck. When the openers began playing we moved to the front of the stage and endured the opening groups in that tiny bar, and then...

oh glory...


Best band on the face of the earth.

Then in the summer of 2010 we downloaded Public Strain, smoked a lot of grass, and started listening. "Is it just me," we made Matthew ask his/our girlfriend, "or is this amazing?"

It wasn't just us. That record is spectacular. In a St. John's, Newfoundland record store that winter we found a copy of Public Strain on vinyl. "Have you heard that record?" an employee at the store asked us as Bleeders picked it up to admire the art.

"Yeah. It's great."

He nodded and smiled. We smiled back. We all knew the secret: BEST BAND ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

Marathon listening sessions (to Women and Public Strain) cemented a place in my heart for their music. Truly one of the best young bands of our time. Sorely missed.
-Deerhunter's Moses Archuleta

Women (2008)
Public Strain (2010)

Buy here.


s$s said...

send their record company, Calgary's FLEMISH EYE, an email and tell them how badly you want a new WOMEN record:

Jon Coutts said...

Hmm, I only have a few of their songs, but I do like them, so I should give a few more a spin.

Boyda said...

Really, you three like them that much? I guess I too should give them a few more listens. Forrest, Dave, David, and I saw them in Calgary once, and it was fun, yes.

The music you posted suggests that they have really come into their own since I've given them the time of day.

Boyda said...

the "three/too" pun was totally unintentional. #secretgenius

s$s said...

Yes, Sinners, Bleeders, and I like them that much.

'Public Strain' IS a big step forward over the self-titled album.

I was listening to those albums non-stop until half a year ago or so, 'cos I'd just overdone it. Then yesterday I put them both on again, and it all came flooding back.

I can't think of any other band making music today that I'm even half as interested in as


s$s said...

Boyda your genius is no secret. Although, ANYone who can make puns is a genius to me. I can't do it at all, except by accident.