December 4, 2011

Questions for Control

Namers recently read a book called

which contains a bunch of interviews with and other material written by or about the influential mystic/misandrist/inventor Brion Gysin that help guide the reader through some of the man's ideas. Near the end of the book Gysin tells of coming in contact, not personally, but "through IBM Seattle," with an entity called CONTROL. One could ask it questions and it would respond. Numerous questions and answers are recorded in the book. Such as:

Q: Who is God?
A: Control.

Q: What is L. Ron Hubbard's R2-45?
A: Assassination technique.

One question seemed particularly absurd; it was asked by Gysin's friend and collaborator William Burroughs.

Q: Is the C.S. Lewis-Tolkien mythology historically valid?
A: Yes.

The question comes out of the blue and is not otherwise discussed in the book. But it made Namers smile, and led him to see what the internetsSs had to say about the historical validity of Professor Tolkien's famous mythology. All kinds of weirdness ensued (scroll down to 'Genesis of the Holy Grail' lecture by Laurence Gardner).


s$s said...

Will anyone read, or begin to read, the Grail lecture?

Sinners says, "No."
Bleeders says, "Mmmm... I doubt it."
Namers says, "No."

Control says, "Beep Bop Boop. I wrote it."

Dave M said...

It is true, I opened the lecture read the first line and that was it. Really interesting post though.