December 1, 2011

Blue Hawaii, 'Blooming Summer'

Blue Hawaii. Montreal, 2010.
Blooming Summer
buy it here from arbutus records

Sinners likes this album a lot. I, Bleeders, think it's pretty cool. But Namers! Namers spent this week trembling at the thought of it. He's going through this period of obsession with women singing over synthesizers, and is in love with at least eight girls now. I mean, really in love. "But only with their voice: the voice as its own person" he said once when I was making fun of his crushes. Sometimes he closes his eyes and breathes deep through entire songs.

There aren't many albums like this one which the three of us enjoy all the way through.


Jon Coutts said...

I just might be with Namers on this one. Very nice.

Dave M said...

I went to Wal-mart to buy it like you said, but all I found was a collection of 501 rock hits for 5.99 instead. I think there is a connection, I think Elvis is on there. I don't know if its blue hawaii but he is singing, and there is 'the who' - summertime blues. And I reached all the way to the bottom of the big bin that they shelve all of their music on now, just like you must have reached way down inside the internet to pull out this song.

s$s said...

If it had not been for that infinite Wal-Mart bin of CDs I never would have discovered 'The 101 Strings Orchestra' and their wonderful album titles, such as:

'101 Strings play Million Seller Hits of Today'

'The Many Moods of 101 Strings'

'The Emotion of 101 Strings at Gypsy Campfires'

I love the internet most for the ability it has given me to "reached way down inside [it]" to pull out songs.