October 28, 2011


Who is Rashid Al-Ghannushi?
sinnersbleeders didn't know, so it poked around online.

Apparently Al-Ghannushi said:
"For women, there was no path to freedom, knowledge or self-determination except through a revolt against Islam and its mores and the imitation of the West -until the Islamist movement. Before the emergence of the Islamist movement, woman found herself in an unstable and decaying society whose 'liberation' was purely superficial: nudity, eroticism, leaving the house and the intermingling of the sexes. So she revolted against these superficial manifestations and called for the return to Islam. But not without trepidation, because for women the return to Islam still portended a return to the age of decline: the harem, self-negation and the inability to determine her own destiny."

wikipedia says

inayat's corner says

Here is an article he wrote about the Tunisian election.

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