October 26, 2011

Julianna Barwick, 'Flown'

Julianna Barwick. From The Magic Place LP.
Brooklyn, USA, 2011

My father told me about going to a very conservative, pentacostal church service -the kind of thing where everyone's white, the women wear hats or scarves to cover their heads, the men are gentle and soft-spoken, and children are playing hide-and-seek in the lobby. After the sermon instead of singing a hymn a white-haired gentleman sat down in front of the piano and struck a single chord; a woman in the congregation began improvising a wordless melody built on the resonating piano chord. Soon another woman from the congregation joined in with her own melody overtop of the original. Then a man added a third melody, then another woman, another man, and eventually the whole room was singing; there were a hundred melodies rising into the overall song of the room.

That's what I picture when I hear this song.

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