April 24, 2010

Radha Ma Playin' Tex, and This Ent Coail

Radha Ma is Radha Ma.
This sentence contains the letters, T,H,I,S,E,N,T,C,O,A,I and L. D too.

Bede Griffiths

Interview with Radha Ma. Her answers are in
plain text. Playin' Tex.

It has been suggested that the mind must be destroyed for liberation to occur. Do you have a mind?

No, no. The mind is illusion. The mind does not exist anymore. I don't know what mind is.

You say that you don't have mind; if you got in a car then you could drive the car, right? When you worked as a tax officer you could work with computers and with figures and calculations, right? So for doing those kinds of things you need a mind.

Sure, also I have a point of view to answer all these questions and I should have a dictionary in my mind to speak all these words, right? But it comes spontaneously from consciousness, from my inner being. It's not through the mind. Mind always manipulates, judges; nothing of this happens here. Before I answer a question I don't have to think whether I am right or wrong, nothing like that. That is the problem with the mind. The mind always calculates and manipulates, but when something comes from spontaneity - the mind never existed here. I don't know whether I am right or wrong from your point of view, I don't care about it either. There is no judgement, nothing. It just happens.

read the full interview here. Or patrol the moon.


joel said...

Oh man, that last sentence really got me Matsy! "read the full interview here, or patrol the moon".

When I clicked on the link there was no 'right or wrong' it just happened.

I spontaneously started laughing.

The only thing more right than the game would have been a steady live camera feed of the moon. Then I could patrol it with my mind, as defined:

As something that "always calculates and manipulates." Oh wait, I think I already said "I don't know what mind is..." just before saying what it is...

Phew! I just realized that time was backwards, and so I actually said those things in order, in a spontaneous order (hor d'ouevre)

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

hor d'ouevre!!!

I always wanted to eat dessert first, so...

Our cat is clawing at my chair. "Pay attention to me."

Okay, cat.