June 27, 2009

Welcome Emmarie and Alanna

My sisters Emmarie and Alanna have begun visiting this blog. They like seeing pictures of what I've been up to. So I thought I'd play it a little more conventional today in this corner of the universe, and post images of myself. Here are some pictures my friend Eva took over the past year with a disposable camera. She just posted them on facebook, and I'm stealing them.

A) Drunk with Leah.
B) Working towards feeling the click with Leah, and Eva's boyfriend -also named Matthew.

Eva is awesome.
Proof: For her high school graduation picture she used a little make-up and came up with this:
Upon seeing this picture I told her, "That's incredible. It's, like, a major life accomplishment."


I just got back from Newfoundland. It is really, really humid and hot here in Montreal. I'm in my underwear in front of the computer. Life is back to normal.

I had a lay-over in Toronto. Two hours in the secure waiting area. I approached the anonymous WestJet employee behind their counter to say, "Hi. I'd like to smoke. Where do I need to go?"

Very politely she replied, "I'm afraid you'll have to go through security."

"For one cigarette?"

With a sympathetic smile: "Yeah."

I looked out at the extremely long security line-up.


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