June 25, 2009

Letters & Drawings XVI

Kum Bobba Loo: or, What I learned from the psycho-active ingredients of an “Alley Rainbow Pie.”
Alley rainbow pie
In Allenberry zoo
And Nobody reaches perfection
Unless they know Kum Bobba Loo


jon said...

the top one seems like it has to do with some revolution or another.

the bottom one would look great on the back of a deck of cards.

or, as always, on the wall in a frame.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

It's funny you should mention the deck of cards. Leah's Grandmother said the EXACT same thing. Word for word. "It would look great on a deck of cards." Okay, almost word for word.

Thanks so much.

Boyda said...

It's true though. It's the king-figure etc. I LOVE the castle. I keep staring at it.