March 12, 2009

Joel Alme: If you tell me that you love me I will crush you again

Joel Alme's A Master of Ceremonies. Pour yourself some whiskey and turn it up loud.

I have enjoyed and recommended a lot of albums, but this is in another category altogether. I'll be spinning this record for decades, I think. Certain tracks at least. Despite the cover.

It's not available in North America, so download it in good conscience.

Read more about Alme here and listen via myspace.

I know I've mentioned him several times already. But in this case I don't mind being repetitive.


jon said...

Where does a person download it?

That Johnny Cash clip was heart warming in the least possibly cheesy sense of the phrase

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

I recommend soulseek for downloading.

It's not particularly user-friendly (thought it's not unfriendly either), but it's got EVERYTHING.

'A Master of Ceremonies' is -astonishingly- still a pretty obscure little record, so it can take a while to track down for download. Before I got soulseek it took me a couple weeks of scrounging around online before I could find the album.

Yeah, Cash! Dylan described meeting Johnny Cash as being more like meeting a religious figure than a singer. I can imagine. When he died Emmylou Harris said it was like Moses had passed away.

jon said...