October 19, 2008

Thank You Mr. Powell

I went to Oliver Stone's 'W.' two nights ago. I despise Stone's films -except JFK, which has a few redeeming qualities. He's probably the director I most love to hate. But I was genuinely curious about any fiction film about Dubya.

It's not a good movie. It's pretty bad. But there were some moments when -due mostly to the script and actors, I think- it transcended Stone's style and was really good for a while.

One thing the film did is reinforce my identification with Bush. Not as a politician necessarily, but as a man -whether I like it or not. Like I wrote before, I always find his jokes hilarious.

Anyway, hopefully Mr. Powell's endorsement will push Obama over the top. They're both the kind of men politics -especially American- needs more of. McCain's that kind of man too. But then Palin came along and...

Powell comes across almost a little too good in 'W.'


Joel said...

Hey, I was looking into the Dow Jones thing and when viewed in the context of the whole century, their recent crisis is not so crazy. It has dropped from 11500 to just under 9000 in the last few months, but from 1960 to 1985 it never broke above 2000.

From 1945 to 1985 it was usually 1500 (+/- 200). Only after that did it soar up to 11500. So I am wondering if perhaps all the talk on the media is not what it seemed. I know I am not an expert and I KNOW it is way more complicated than one chart can give- but I wonder if we or America have learned the WMD lesson of Iraq; specifically regarding making a major political choice out of fear.

We all know how the media loves a crisis; so are we really in such a crisis?

All I am actually saying is that when viewed in the last 3 months we are in major danger, but when viewed in the last 100 years, we are still WAY above our century's average...

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

The only language I know is english. I can't speak Economic. So I have no idea. I just sorta cross my fingers and hope some smart people somewhere are watching things, and making the right decisions most of the time.

So yeah... no idea. It's interesting information to hear though.