October 21, 2008

Letters (Not Really) and Drawings IV

Three hours sleep, but no regrets.

Sometimes it's good to do stuff you probably shouldn't. Like getting drunk. Forgetting to eat. Telling an inappropriate joke. Reading a book you don't understand.

I think the very first picture, and the one with the guy swallowing a horse, are my favourites. I'll title the first one, Design for a New Alliance Church by A Mennonite Winnepiger Architect.

I broke my musical fast a couple days ago and laid down the skeleton for a cover of the old protestant hymn/spiritual 'Do Lord.' Do Lord, oh do Lord, oh do remember me.

I saw Synecdoche, New York at a festival. It's not a great film. But interesting.

1 comment:

jon said...

fascinating. i like the last one, and the title of the first one makes it just fantastic.