October 29, 2008

Kirsanoff & Friedlander

I watched a truly great film yesterday. It's the 1926 French silent picture nilmontant by Russian director Dimitri Kirsanoff. I had never heard of the movie or its director before seeing it, but I feel like I should have.

If you're looking for a point of reference I'd compare it to David Lynch or Luis Bunuel.

It belongs in the pantheon. As soon as it was over I knew I needed to see it again.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with silent films, the distributors inserted a mediocre soundtrack over the image. Oh well.

Buy it here.

In New York last year I went to a bunch of art galleries. The big ones everybody goes to. At one of them I saw a photograph that haunted me. But I forgot what it was called or who took it, so I've spent the last half year longing to see the image, to no avail.

Yesterday I found it by accident, while doing research again. The photographer is Lee Friedlander, and it's called 'Self-Portrait'. I like Friedlander a lot more than Elliott Erwitt. A lot a lot.

Here's the image (click on it to enlarge it):

Incredible, right?! Check out more here.


jon said...

quite a choice for a self-portrait.

my word verifications have been pseudo-words lately. yesterday somewhere, crazily enough, it was "slipshot". my word here is "fregra".

matthew a. wilkinson said...

Quite a choice indeed.

I've been getting my share of pseudo-words lately too. I wonder if the verification technology is evolving? I know some word verifiers get you to type in words scanned from really old books -thus saving people the effort of having to retype the books themselves.

Anonymous said...

I feel honoured - I started an unlikely conversation