October 28, 2008

Elliott Erwitt

In doing research for a short film I'm making next semester I had the pleasure of stumbling across the photography of Elliott Erwitt. I like his kind of obvious humour. Here are samples of his work that I've stolen from various sites online. Click the pictures to enlarge them a little.

Look closely (especially at the museum picture).

Visit Mr. Erwitt's website here. Buy one/some of his books here.


jon said...

cool. the train photo is really awesome but is something funny about it that i'm missing?

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

I don't think so. Just the way the smoke blends into the shape of the horizon and you have to look twice to realize what it is exactly that you're looking at.

No tricks though, I don't think.

Anonymous said...

Elliot Erwitt....while I am not won over by the photos you have chosen to post, I am won over by his other portfolios. Black and white - fantastic. Thanks for adding another set of photographic eyes to my world. Eyes inspire me to have my own eyes see.

my word verification was "idemot" by the way...which i find interesting. Is it okay to say what the word verification is? or does that ruin the system?