September 23, 2008


I first saw Zodiac a year ago, or more. Re-watching it now I was as impressed as the first time. Cinematically, morally it is a work of art capable of genuine inspiration.

I'm a little drunk. More than a little.


You know, almost all serial killers are male. That's a fact. What's the significance? We men find meaning in.... I dunno. It just makes sense that killers are male. Most cops too.

I know someone who committed murder. I like him. Quite a bit.

I think men are interested in death, and our meaning in life comes from abstract things like crime, or politics, or philosophy. Or religion. Not family. Not friendship. Ideas.


Well, I re-watched Zodiac with my room-mate tonight, and we filled our bellies with whiskey. Canadian whiskey.

What a great film! Obsession and masculinity. Death. Life. That's what the film is about. And it's dynamic enough to encompass those things and still breathe independently.

I'm not a David Fincher fan, really. But Zodiac is a straight-up masterpiece. Like a Cassavetes film it offers a perspective on how to live life better.

I'm writing a long poem about Western Canada. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northern BC, rural Manitoba, the Yukon... It may take years to finish. It will be one of my major accomplishments to complete it. My album Bleeders of the Vast Expanse was the beginning, this poem will be the end.

Drinking and posting.

Dief the Chief was The Man. The Western Canadian Man. He got it, and all of Canada benefited. He knew.

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