September 22, 2008

Montreal Sucks

No, it's awesome.

Here's an (unbearable?) Montreal story for you:

Yesterday I was waiting in line with a friend to see Sigur Ros at the old port (they were pretty good, and the sound quality was immaculate). A girl in line beside us joined our conversation and it came up that her band was opening for Deerhunter on November 11th -a show I've got tickets for. Her band is called The Neighbourhood Council (that's them in the picture). I went home and checked them out. They sound great. Really great. I can't get enough of the two songs on their Myspace page. I'm listening over and over and over again.

So yeah, only in Montreal. Or New York. Or Calgary. Or Paris. Or (pick a major city with a vibrant rock scene).

As an aside: Have you ever noticed how often Americans make "only in America..." statements? And it's not just Republicans; all kinds of Americans have slipped into that kind of talk (I remember it being used pretty unforgivably on a West Wing episode). It consistently pisses me off. Have they forgotten about the rest of the Western world?! Even when it's used negatively it frustrates me ("Only in America could Bush get re-elected"). I'm sorry, you're not that special. You're a great country. One of the best. I love you and defend you constantly against the world's ignorant army of anti-American bigots. But you're not the only free nation on earth, and people are the same all over. They re-elect bad politicians in other countries too.

Scary, scary, ridiculous, unnecessary ignorance.

Anyway, The Neighbourhood Council is a really interesting band. Check them out.


Anonymous said...

calgary has a major rock scene? interesting....

I appreciate your comments by the way, and I am enjoying the exponential strangeness on your own blog. I think school is doing you good. Or you are doing good of school. (grammar rules aside)

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

"exponential strangeness." Hmmm. I like that.

Yeah, when I lived in Calgary I never got a sense that there was ANYTHING happening there in terms of local rock music, but apparently there is now:

So you're back in Cowtown? I'm quite fond of certain areas of Calgary.

jon said...

oh man that is a great comment about america and an even better picture of the lady on the segue pushing the stroller. keep up the good work!