September 28, 2008

Letters & Drawings 4

Three things I find ridiculous:
1 -bullet-hole decals on cars

2 -the pseudo-documentary style so omnipresent in contemporary television (umm, why is that camera shaking in the middle of recording a simple conversation?) .

3 -This:

Ricky Gervais is still funny.


Leif Pederson said...

It is 5:23 in the morning, and I just finished watching Gerry. I don't know what to say. I feel like I hate it, but the final interaction between the Gerrys kinda makes me like it. I'm pretty sure tomorrow I will want my 90 minutes back, but for now I'm okay. I think that Elephant is the slowest pace I can handle without wanting to hurt someone (as far as Van Sant films go). I hope I never have to watch this film again. The opening tune reminded me of Wit, as it is the theme to that movie (also slow, but at least there is more narrative and more plot).

Ramble ramble, I hope you've never seen THX 1138 before, because I'm bringing it for you guys to watch.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Well, thanks Leif, for one of my favourite posts ever.

"I'm pretty sure tomorrow I will want my 90 minutes back, but for now I'm okay."

I love that. What a great way to stay up all night: watching 'Gerry.'

THX1138: I've seen it, and loved it, and can't wait to watch it again -with you.

jon said...

Gerry is 90 minutes of pure awesome.

i like the drawings and i agree on all three ridiculous things (although i was a big fan of NYPD blue, where the whole camera-shaking thing sort of got its start).

bullet holes on cars is REEEDICULOUS

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Jon, thanks for all the comments.

I still remember being so pleasantly surprised to see 'Gerry' on your list of 32 (now 33) "films I take with me."

"Gerry is 90 minutes of pure awesome." That's the blurb they should have put on the cover. Ha.

NYPD Blue: I've heard good things. I'm gonna have to check it out someday.