October 21, 2012

St. Jiddu

"Krishnamurti's words are like fire," sSs once told me.  I stuck my tongue out and threw a soft carrot in his face.

Knowledge is destructive to discovery.  Knowledge is always in time, in the past; it can never bring freedom.  But knowledge is necessary, to  act, to think, and without action existence is not possible.  But action however wise, righteous and noble will not open the door to truth.  There's no path to truth; it cannot be bought through any action nor through any refinement of thought.  Virtue is only order in a disordered world and there must be virtue, which is a movement of non-conflict.  But none of these will open the door to that immensity.  The totality of consciousness must empty itself of all its knowledge, action and virtue; not empty itself for a purpose, to gain, to realize, to become. It must remain empty though functioning in the everyday world of thought and action.  Out of this emptiness, thought and action must come.  But this emptiness will not open the door.  There must be no door nor any attempt to reach.  There must be no centre in this emptiness, for this emptiness has no measurement; it's the centre that measures, weighs, calculates.  This emptiness is beyond time and space; it's beyond thought and feeling.  It comes as quietly, unobtrusively, as love; it has no beginning and end.  It's there unalterable and immeasurable.
Krishnamurti's Notebook, entry for "September 6th"

When you do not know, what do you do? Let us proceed from there ... When you say, I do not know, how do you then proceed? How do you find out? Wait, please go slowly. How do you find out - by thinking? Now, what do you mean by thinking? Analyse the problem? Wait, wait. Analyse the problem. The problem involves division, contradiction, fragmentation. I have analysed it and I see my life split up. And I am asking why. And you say, think about it, use thought to find out. Thought! Now, what is thought? Before I say I will use it, I must go into the question of what thought is. Thought obviously is the response of memory. No?
J. Krishnamurti Talks with American Students, 2nd Talk at Morcelo, Puerto Rico 15th September, 1968

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