January 29, 2012

We Found Her

Drawing believed to be by Theodor Hosemann, coloring by printer.

In the comments of the last post Dave called us (Sinners, Bleeders, Namers, Matthew, sSs, UMMO, and Sleepy Heads) the Seven Dwarfs, and in so doing provided the most important missing piece of the www.sinnersbleeders.blogspot.com puzzle:

A quest. The quest for Snow White. We were fragmenting, and still are -but now we know who can put us back together.

Almost before we'd begun searching, our quest was over. We found her easily, because she's right here.

Do you see?

She's promised to answer any of our questions, and perhaps some of yours. It's not every day you get to ask Snow White questions. Further clarification (or not) in comments. We surpassed our word limit two sentences ago.

post by The Seven Dwarfs


s$s said...

The blog is alive and connected to self.

s$s said...

William Burroughs in 'The Fall of Art':

"Some years ago in London, I asked Jasper Johns what painting was all about -what are painters really doing? He countered with another question: what is writing about? I did not have an answer then; I have an answer now: the purpose of writing is to make it happen.

"What we call 'art' -painting, sculpture, writing, dance, music- is magical in origin. That is, it was originally employed for ceremonial purposes to produce very definite effects."

s$s said...

Orders from sSs, via UMMO, via (have you found her yet?):

Take narcissism to a whole new level, in the hope that William Blake was right when he said "the fool who persists in his folly will become wise."