December 11, 2011

Kuedo, 'Salt Lake Cuts'

Kuedo, Severant. Berlin, 2011

That cover!

Pay $ here.


Boyda said...

How do you find your music? I am stuck in a Pitchfork rut.

s$s said...

oh gosh. GET OUT of pitchfork. Its 'Best of' lists are full of gems, but otherwise...

Music blogs! They are the best thing to happen to music listeners since the invention of the radio. I can offer you a few that I like a lot: (sadly now dead)

Happy hunting!

s$s said...

Bleeders says he could spend ALL his free time tracking down new music.

Boyda said...

Thanks for all the recommends, Sinners (?)! I will definitely check out some of these blogs A-S-A-P.