November 22, 2011

Sleep ∞ Over

Sleep ∞ Over. Austin, Texas, 2011.

For a couple weeks in September of this year, every day between 14:34 and 14:38 Danish junior high school intercoms blasted excerpts from Stefanie Franciotti's synthesizer-based pop songs. As the music played some of the sensitive, straight boys developed crushes on the ethereal voice and made abstract doodles in their margins, or drew moustaches on the pictures in their textbook instead of learning about Brazilian culture or algebra. The jock girls rolled their eyes and re-folded the notes they'd been writing with three different colours of pen; the teacher's pets clenched their jaws or re-crossed their legs, and underlined the date at the top of their looseleaf; and none of the teachers attempted to explain why the music was interrupting their class -for they too were slightly hypnotized.

Before she was Sleep ∞ Over Ms. Franciotti was in the band Silver Pines, and they're a crush-worthy band too; but they never got played over a school intercom.

Austin, Texas has been awesome for a long time.

Buy Sleep ∞ Over's album Forever here.

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