November 11, 2011

Again Ms. Foster

Somewhere around 2008 the acoustic guitar died. Someone threw it off the back of a moving truck in Arizona and, unfortunately, that was it. Goodbye!

We reconstructed the demolished instrument and it seemed to make the same noises as before, but the magic had been lost and we began neglecting the old thing. It sat in the corner collecting dust.

But those were the days of un-natural time. Now (as apocalypse approaches) we're stepping into the time of the individual, away from the clock and the tick-tock of the somewhere-out-there and the "we can measure it," and back into time as it is experienced. This rediscovery of experienced time is changing everything (everything!) -including that old acoustic guitar. It's as dead as it ever was; but now death has a different meaning.

How long is this song? As long as it feels.

Josephine Foster has been a REVELATION.

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