September 24, 2011

Robert Altman

California Split is a 1974 Robert Altman film. It's very funny.

I like the way the camera moves: lots of slow zooms simultaneous with lateral tracking. The blocking is beautiful too, and there's an accidentalness to it -as is so often the case with everything about Altman's films.

Gosford Park is another Altman favourite of mine. It came near the end of his long, prolific career. I love the film more every time I see it. When I'm seventy years old and on my thirty-sixth viewing how large will my love have grown? There's so much to pay attention to, and all of it is rewarding.


Dave M said...

I can't remember if you were with me or not when I saw Gosford Park in the theatre amid a crowd of grey balding heads. I've seen it once since then and I agree that there is something special about it which appreciates with time.

Other than that, I love 'Nashville' and I'm terrified by '3 Women' and I think I would like to see California Split. The way that guys starts laughing really got me.

s$s said...

I was with you. I thought nothing of the film that night. It came and went. It was just some movie that was maybe a little boring.

'3 Women' left me cold. I don't feel like it says anything 'Persona' doesn't say better.

re: the guy's laughter.
yeah, that's what I love about Altman: there's room for moments like that. He's not exercising total control like an Ozu or Kubrick; on the contrary, he's figured out how to open the doors and let the humanity seep in.

Dave M said...

I like the mental picture of humanity seeping in through a door.