September 20, 2011

The Index, 'Black Label Album'

We return. This time more as a music/movie/book blog. First up:

The Index. Detroit, 1967. I think these are garage recordings, and the band's a little sloppy in keeping the beat, but I like that. It's part of the charm. Also, I'd take their version of 'You Keep Me Hangin On' over The Supremes' any day.


s$s said...

dollars dollars. If you can think of a way of giving these guys money, go ahead.

Boyda said...

A) YOU'RE BACK!! Rock on, s$s.

B)WHERE did you find that image.

C)I know these guys! But I forget why. I think David showed them to me recently, particularly that first wonderful song. Hmm.

s$s said...

Hi Boyda!

I think the first song is on a cd I made you guys.

I don't remember where I got the image. random place google took me to. It's St. Philomena, and I'm collecting images of her because I think looking at pictures of her might destroy evil across the universe.

Dave M said...

I was in a cathedral in Saskatchewan that had a mural about St Philomena on part of the ceiling, it was very underwhelming, borderline worst religious art experience of my life. But that picture is interesting.

I'm glad you are back, if you ever really left.

Boyda said...

Matthew, you sound very medieval. Well, perhaps you both do.

And OF COURSE (re: the song). Yikes.

s$s said...

I never left, I just absolved myself from participating.

I am medieval sometimes. Especially when I'm walking through a shopping mall.