May 5, 2010

The Yage Letters

"...most of us were about the idlest young dogs that squandered away their time on the pavements of Paris or London. We would not work. I declare in all candour that...the average number of hours per week which I devoted to literary production did not exceed four."
George Augustus Sala, writing of the bohemian culture in 1880s Grub Street.

In Bohemia I dug a hole
Looked inside to find

Beatniks, Dandies, Water-drinkers

Mums, Grandpas, Hobos

Alchemists, Smokers

Thieves and Cobblers

and even -on rainy Sundays

Artists of the Tudor Court

All of us spinning around her in a field of burning grass.
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter




Forrest said...

Funny I was just thinking about holes. Something happened to do with holes, ideas started coming about everything. Now your idea is out here too.


joel said...

This map is fantastic!

I really like the way it is hard to read, even when zoomed in to max. It is like exploring in a map sense, as you move your gaze over the small lines, making out various names and then pondering what they mean.

It makes me want to draw maps.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Maps are beautiful. My favourite maps are lies.

You talk.

I talk.

You talk.

I talk.

That's a map of a conversation.