May 11, 2010


I'm tired of having possessions. If you want to burgle me, it's alright. Just leave Leah's things alone, okay?! My stuff, her stuff. Is it "our" stuff now? Hers, mine, ours -what a drag. It's just stuff. So try not to wake us up if you come while we're asleep. Thanks.

Also, sinnersbleeders is going into slow motion. I'm pulling up up up and away. I'll do something here once a month, or maybe once a year. I dunno. I'm gonna post the Outremont Manor video soon though (Not that anyone's holding their breath, but I apologize for the delay. I've had -and am having- trouble producing a digital transfer of my film that retains the integrity of the image. I didn't anticipate it taking so much time. What on film looks luminous looks washed-out on video. Grrrr). I'm an internet addict sometimes, and that's cool and good and fine -but I'd rather be addicted to collecting light bulbs. Or pomegranates. I can't believe I spelled that correctly. Pomegranates.

What's the longest word you used in the past week? Mine was probably pomegranates.

I love you all.


Dave M said...

I'll take your dvd collection off of your hands if it will make you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Farewell until next time

Plafter Christmas said...

Boyda said...

Don't make me sad, Matthew.

Those crabs are so adorable with their strings of pearls!

The longest word I used in the last week was probably "perspicaciously." I love that word.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...


Temperature of 10,004. I think I have lengthofworditis.

I'm seriously thinking of parting with my movies. Keep ten or twenty -get rid of the rest. I'd like to have a life where I can get up and go at any moment. I think Leah and I are both feeling this way a bit right now.

Farewell. 'Till so soon face to face.

Plaphder Krissmass:
goo goo ga joob!

Jon Coutts said...

i used the word epistemology like 800 times this week.

"see" you around matthew. its been good. real good.