April 12, 2010



I amassed a huge stash of interesting music from various blogs (like this one) last week. I've been processing it ever since. Dozens of albums. Mostly psychedelic rock from the 1960s. Much of it is horrible, but I'm sifting through it and finding some gems.

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band -most or least pretentious band name I've ever heard.

I also found some great Beatles b-sides I'd never heard.


Boyda said...

I love "You Could Even Like Me" by Silly Kissers so much.

On a completely unrelated note (more related to your last post, I guess), what is motivating the recent turn to say "internets" rather than "internet"? I mean, I like it - it seems to mock the web somehow - but I'm just curious as to how it works.

Sorry for being off-topic.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Glad you liked the Silly Kissers song.

"Internets" is sillier. That's the only reason I've been using it.

The more off topic the better.