February 8, 2010

Letters & (No) Drawings XXIV

This and That
"This" is my number and "That" is my name
My number is named after me in this game
My number is Seven, my name is Fourteen
Until name and number reach just in between
The name of the number of course is Eleven
Plus two, minus four, minus one is now Seven
But why all the math? Because "This" is the key
"That" is why my name can not be number Three
My name is my number, they both are the same
And just so you know, you can not win this game


Jon Coutts said...

Certainly playing by those rules you can't!

Very kafkaesque!

Plafter Christmas said...

Playing games you never win is sad,
Just like last year at marienbad
just in case you don't care how i feel
i play chess like a fool like in the seventh seal

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Is the knight a fool?

Bum ba bum ba bum
my love of words is

Plafter Christmas said...

nz mpwf pg xpset jt
cvn cb cvn cv cvn

Jt uif lojhiu b gppm?

Plafter Christmas said...

A poem for the discouraged:

my love of words is bum ba bum ba bum;
is the knight
a fool?