January 15, 2010


A lot of things are, or feel like they are, on the verge of happening for me. A new short film, a showing of my pictures at a gallery (maybe, maybe), a band, and completing a bunch of projects. A bunch of stuff to devote myself to which will never pay my bills.

One of those projects is the destruction of some of my musical past. I'm taking Suicide Hill, Mothers Sons Fathers Lovers Daughters, and Bleeders of the Vast Expanse "out of print." In their place will be a new collection taken from those 3 releases: Bleeders. I'm debating including some new stuff.

I've had a couple requests to buy some of those albums, and I keep procrastinating my response. I'm pretty unhappy with those 3 releases. I almost wish that stuff wasn't out there, sometimes.

So, it's a cheat, and sets a dangerous precedent, but I'm gonna re-organize it.

My scanner's broken. That's why no 'Letters & Drawings' in a long while.

Cadgy Cogitations is great. Check the link on the side.


Jon Coutts said...

I think that's great! All of it.

Boyda said...

I still love those old albums, but I'm excited about your new stuff too. Sounds like Montreal has been v.good to you!! I'm impressed/excited.
The projects which won't bring you any money are, some might say, the best kind.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Thanks Jon and Boyda!

Money. I like the things I can buy with it. But I like life better when I'm not thinking about it.

Three cheers for Montreal's cheap rent! It's a big part of why artists thrive here, I think.

"It was glorious," a friend who's been in the city for a while told me recently about Montreal in the 80s. "You could get a decent apartment for 100 a month."

"You gotta be a tramp or a millionaire," a drunk friend told me recently. "They don't care about money." He's right. Clearly.

Jon Coutts said...


Except tramps and millionaires are probably more often the ones who care about money the most.

I think you should make millions off these albums.

Leif said...

I'm listening to "Jacob's Ladder" right now. I still sing along with it.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Jacob's Ladder will be on 'Bleeders.'

Singin' along? Woe.