October 31, 2009

this II

I am haunted by thisPhoto by Reid Rosefelt.

and this

With every viewing I grow less impressed by this
what's with all the dissolves?

But I'll leave you with this:


Jon Coutts said...

the blog entry you linked under tarkovsky was awesome. "all artists understand each other" . . . oh man what a great reply. and that picture just captures it doesn't it?

and I don't know what is meant by that wim wenders video, but it totally makes me think that it would be awesome to present and depict one's home---no matter how normal or suburban or tepid on the surface of things---as a setting for an epic.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read the blog, but even the photographs are astounding.

I "tweeted" your blog on Twitter today - to the nfb. I know, I know.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Jon: An epic set in a house -Yes, absolutely. Great thought. There have been good films about families, but rarely does the house itself play much of a role. 'Royal Tenenbaums' is the only one coming to mind actually, and even in that the house is somewhat peripheral. I know it's a cliche, but location as character is very appealing to me. 'Do the Right Thing' is about one street -so that's pretty close.

---Can anyone think of examples of films about houses?---

Re: the Tarkovsky article.

In the article I actually REALLY hated a lot of what the writer recorded Tarkovsky as saying. Especially what Tarkovsky said about no one fully understanding his films except Russians. I am very frustrated by that kind of talk. Not that he's wrong, just that it's close to meaningless to make such a statement. If you take that logic to it's conclusion, then no one but Tarkovsky himself could understand his films fully (which, obviously, is true), because our life experiences are all different from his. It's meaningless. And to voice it the way he apparently did seems unnecessarily arrogant to me. But perhaps it was a language thing, and he didn't mean to come across as he did.

I don't mean to dismiss the uniqueness and importance of Russia and the Russian psyche, but his words are pointing in the direction of ethnocentrism.

Similarly, to say all artists understand each other is essentially to say all people understand each other.

I sit at Tarkovsky's feet in reverence as a film-maker (he's a god), but a lot of the things he is recorded as having said are very problematic to me.

Oh lord. Forgive this tangent of an entry.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...


Thanks, I guess. Ha.

nathan davies said...

films about houses -
the people under the stairs