October 5, 2009

On My Stereo V: Kurt Vile

I'm only two songs in, but man! Thanks Dave.

Nathan: Yeah man, Veckatimest is insane.

Trev: I don't know that song, or Rush. I'll check it out.


What's on your stereo?


Dave M said...

Yeah, I think his newest album just came out (maybe even today). There are some great songs on it.

One thing I like about Rush fans is that they don't even consider for a second that Rush might not be the greatest band in the world.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at their tour dates today, and they have a crazy schedule. You can catch them in NY probably, they are coming slightly near to you. No where near us. But really - the entire country of the United States in a month - slightly less-ish? awesome. Imagine their hair at the end of October. However you wish.

Boyda said...

Ha, Forrest's hair comment is funny.

Matt - Veckatimest, really? Grizzly Bear is absolutely my favorite band right now and I pretty much listen to them ravenously (as ravenously as...a bear?), but I finally bought Veckatimest and I'm disappointed with it on second listen. It seems to me that the only great songs are those that they've posted on their myspace.

'Horn of Plenty': THERE'S an album.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

I never liked Grizzly Bear until Veckatimest, which I've been over-listening to for months.

Last night I was saying to Leah, "Y'know, I don't know that I'm really a fan of Grizzly Bear so much as just Veckatimest."

"Does it matter?" she replied.

"No. You're right, it doesn't."

I'll have to check out Horn of Plenty. Maybe I'll like Grizzly Bear after all. Yellow House and the Friends EP were fine but I don't really listen to them ever.

I really know nothing about Rush except that, I think, they're considered progressive rock. And aren't they Canadian?

Do they have big hair or something? Now I'm gonna have to google them. I really know nothing. Apparently they have a strong fan base. Ha. All the jokes are over my head.

Anonymous said...

I was actually ...uh...how can i put this? Talking about Kurt Vile. I don't know Rush either.


Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Oh... Kurt Vile. Ha!!!