October 15, 2009


'Friedrichshain.' Click that link. Look at the price. That's like 700$ Canadian.

Full of poor young students from all over the European Union. Huge neighbourhoods with cheap rent and good art.


Leah's been mentioning Waterford, Ireland. "No one ever does anything there," she told me. "No seriously. They get paid enough so they hardly ever work, and everyone just sits around." Something like that. It sorta sounds incredible.

No one drives; everyone walks. It sounds a lot like St. John's. Or here in Mile End.

Where else?

St. John's.

Sodermalm. Someday.

With people, I don't know what to say. But I want to write down every story I'm told.

I press 'Publish Post.'


Anonymous said...

dave says the only way he's going to the republic is in a tank. t-a-n-k. Or with his aunt and uncle and forrest this February.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

This February wins again.

I'm jealous.