September 25, 2009

Public Domain

I made this picture. But I don't mind if someone uses it. I'd mind if a business or government or something used it, but otherwise I don't care. At all. I think.

I've been pondering public domain issues a lot recently. On my Hafford blog, and here, I use a lot of other people's images and videos. I try to be responsible with that. I'm probably not always as ethical as I should be, but I do try.

With The Crooked Trees of Hafford, Saskatchewan I have been up against this issue a lot. Almost every entry has an image or two in it, and usually they're not mine. Though often I did create the images, or I significantly altered them.

Part of my creativity on that site has been in blurring the line between what is real and what isn't, and that has complicated the issue even further.

So, in the interest of giving credit to the makers of many of the images I've used, here are some links to where I've found a lot of them.

1 2 3 4 5

Any thoughts?


I saw Postcards again last night. They're great. Their song 'Because' is one of my favourite songs right now.

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Boyda said...

There's something about your brazen defacement of those coins mixed with self-conscious concern for ethical codes that I really, really like.