August 21, 2009


A local band called Postcards played at my favourite venue in town last night. They were excellent.

They have a cassette you can buy for $5. It's really, really good. Go to their myspace page and you can hear most of it. I suggest starting with 'Because.'


Anonymous said...

dave and I should do a cassette. awesome.

so, I missed out on my ultimate dream yesterday:

Braids concert, $6 to get in, starts at 7p.m.

For a tired person like me, who is also thrifty that is heavenly.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Oh no, you missed Braids!

I've seen them twice now. First time (opening for Deerhunter) they were excellent, 2nd time (opening for Women) -meh. SO maybe you missed "meh" instead of "heavenly."

I didn't even know you liked them.

Liver and Tan!!!


YES. You and Dave should do a cassette.


You see yourself as tired and thrifty. That's funny.