July 14, 2009

Letters & Drawings XIX

I think I'm at the beginning of a new era for these drawings. I finished this one and thought, "I like it, but I want to move on." So I'm going to try. Though I don't know what that means exactly.


Last night I dreamt I woke up with a dead prostitute in my bed. It was the worst dream I've had in a long time. As you can imagine there was an unbelievable sense of doom hanging over everything. Then I woke up for real and felt Leah's body beside me. Which should have been comforting. In my delirium though, I had a couple panicked seconds as I ran my fingers up Leah's arm, my eyes still closed.

Also, last but certainly not least:

I discovered footage of Dave playing football. I grabbed this still.


Anonymous said...

Once Dave was sleeping, dreaming of a sense of doom in a dark souled house. Something terrible was about to happen as he prepared to speak - then I partially awoke from my own sleep and said clearly to him "You should get off the phone in that house now".

It is good to know your eyes were closed. That is significant.

Nice still of Dave. He is AWESOME.

Dave M said...

I had a dream that Forrest and I won a contest by accident. The prize was to meet the girl from the band Heart. She was wearing overalls and asked us what our favorite Heart album was. We looked at each other in sheer panic masked by sheepish smiles trying with all our might to think of the name of any Heart album. Then I woke up because Forrest was talking in her sleep about a hill and how somebody didn't know what to do with it.

Can any of you name a single Heart album?

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Not me.

jon said...

I'm sure there is an untitled Heart album.

Great picture of Dave. Last time I saw him running that fast I was behind him in a 100 yard dash. Incidentally, I bet he couldn't get his knee that close to his forehead from a standstill in a living room.