July 26, 2009

In Character

I did something yesterday afternoon that was strangely nerve-wracking. I made a phone call in character as The Crooked Trees version of myself.

I kept fearing I'd be found out. Which is ridiculous for a number of reasons.

I've posted the conversation, as close to verbatim as I can remember it, on The Crooked Trees.

I have been enjoying playing with fiction and reality on that site. Really, really, really enjoying it.

It has forced me to look closely at my ethical responsibilities as an artist, which has been challenging. I'm coming to admire Werner Herzog more and more every day. He knows how to walk the line. How to walk right up to it and test it for weaknesses.

I'm making another call next week. I might post that one too. It depends.

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jon said...

should i be party to this experiment?

post it i say.

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