June 7, 2009


Last year in New York at an ungodly hour my room-mate Joel put money into a payphone and randomly pressed numbers until he got through to someone. His words were taken from Catcher in the Rye.

"Yeah. Listen. Listen, hey. I'll come over for Christmas Eve. Okay? Trimma goddam tree for ya. Okay? Okay, hey, Sally?

Joel began hollering and holding his stomach, to keep the imaginary guts from spilling out.

"They got me. Rocky's mob got me. You know that? Sally, you know that?"

A woman on the street stopped to ask, "what's going on?"

Later that night we broke into a zoo, skinned a tiger, and floated our tiger-skin raft down the Hudson and out to sea. The woman from the street was aboard, wearing a pirate hat and headphones.

It took us three weeks to reach Argentina.


Leif said...

While I wish the trip to Argentina was the truth, I am certain that the phone call is a truth.

Also, I am certain the trip to Argentina is a truth.

Anonymous said...

I feel like this was my dream at one point.