June 29, 2009

On My Stereo


Ege Bamyasi

Listen to a track here, and another here. But its greatness exists in hearing it as an entire album.

I've been listening to a lot of mainstream-y pop music lately. And Scott Walker.


The Talking Heads - 'Heaven'
I've never cared much for the Talking Heads. Still don't. But 'Heaven' is immaculate.

Chad VanGaalen - 'Clinically Dead'
It wasn't until his last album Soft Airplane that I understood what all the fuss was about. But this earlier song has always been... awesome.

Crystal Castles - 'Untrust Us'
My love for them is still at arm's length. A long arm. But Jesus, this song! I was in a deserted bar at 2am a month ago when the DJ cranked this track for all five of us to hear, and it ripped a hole in me.

I had a dream that they covered one of my songs in a high school cafeteria. Where the hell did that come from?

Department of Eagles - 'Classical Records'

Magazine - 'Definitive Gaze'

Scott Walker - 'Cossacks Are'

Marty Robbins - 'Don't Worry'

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Hysteric'
Leah likes this one a lot.

And, if you can track it down (soulseek), the song 'Willing Spirit' by The Creeping Nobodies.

What's on your stereo?


nathan davies said...

TV on the Radio - 24/7
i just can't get enough.

Boyda said...

Yay, music from Matthew!! You know, Matthew, I still listen to that mixed CD that you made me like 3 years ago. And also, you introduced me to one of my all-time favorite bands, El Perro Del Mar.

It's safe to say you have been very influential to my musical tastes (not to mention your own music). I'm excited to sample your current stereo.

Also, Nathan: agreed.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

'Wolf Like Me' is one of those untouchably great songs. And I kinda like a few other tracks, such as 'Family Tree;' but I can't say I really understand the big deal with TVOTR. I've listened to their last two albums several times, and it's interesting music, but I dunno. I guess they'll just have to join the ranks of those bands like New Pornographers and, well, Talking Heads -that I respect but don't love.

Which are the songs I should be listening to?

Forgive the abbreviation.

I'm incredibly flattered. That first El Perro Del Mar album is a big favourite for me.

You liked that Grizzly Bear song 'Granny Diner,' so I'm guessing Department of Eagles is right up your alley.

Dave M said...

I'm totally floored by 'I got the blues' by the Rolling Stones off of Sticky Fingers. The organ makes the hair on my next light on fire.

Also, anything off of the new Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens album has been really good.

Oh yeah, more Stones, 'Faraway Eyes' off of Some Girls.

'You are Lost' by Bonnie Prince Billy from Beware

'Lonely Me' by M Ward and Lucinda Williams from Hold Time.

I could go on. Maybe I will go on. Maybe later on.

nathan davies said...

oh dave...'lonely me' is so awesome. i couldn't believe it when i first heard it. i also got 'forty licks' from a garage sale for 50 cents and it is incredible.
'under my thumb' is a remarkable song.
list of favourite TVOTR songs -
wolf like me
i was a lover
golden age
they all equal awesome
i also got 'moon pix' by cat power at the same garage sale for 50cents. it is also quite something. it rocks me hard.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Nathan: I'll give those tracks another listen. I think I need to give TVOTR another shot.

I do enjoy 'I Was A Lover,' but the vocals are mixed WAY too loud in that song for my taste.

Moon Pix: Amen.
Have you heard 'Taking People' from What Would the Community Think? Her best song. Period.


I'm downloading those tracks as we speak.

'I Got the Blues.' Yeah! I've always loved that one.

Please do go on.


Last year I got ahold of the Stones compilation called 'Metamorphosis.' It doesn't hold up as an album ('cos it's not), but a lot of the tracks are incredible. There is a version of 'Heart of Stone' with this gorgeous pedal-steel, that is one my all-time favourites of theirs.

Anonymous said...

Sunset Rubdown: All of Dragonslayer
Camera Obscura: Forests and Sands
Lucinda WIlliams: Momma You Sweet, Words
Kim Carnes: Bette Davis Eyes
Neko Case: All of "The Tigers Have Spoken"
Aimee Mann: All of "Lost In Space"

one I haven't listened to, but have thought about: Nina Nastasia: Oh My Stars