April 12, 2009

Hafford II: Larissa Shapko

I was walking past Shapko & Son Welding last night on the way to buy cigarettes. The Shapkos live next door to their shop. The youngest daughter, Larissa, who at 13 years old is a bit of a tomboy, was fixing the chain of her bike on the driveway. She stopped me.

"Hey Peter."

"Hi," I responded. She knows my name's not Peter.

"D'y'wanna hear my dream?" She asked eagerly.


"Well... I dreamt I had a red plaid shirt with the words 'You Bastard' stenciled on the back. Like a baseball player. Then I accidentally cut my wallet up with scissors."

I laughed.

"Where'r'ya goin'?" she asked.

"To buy smokes at the gas station."

"Will you let me have one when you come back? I'll give you a dollar." Her hands were covered in grease.


1 comment:

jon said...

hee hee, no. not even for a dollar!

an exciting day in hafford.