April 1, 2009

Scott Walker - Bat For Lashes

Sometimes you aim for God. You wake up the next day on a gravel road in North Dakota.

I was in Dave and Forrest's living room on a cold, sunny afternoon. I put on headphones and listened to Scott Walker's The Drift really loud. You can't listen to pop music after that.

I decided to be ridiculous and edit my short film while Walker's Jesse played loud. Over and over and over again.

The new Bat For Lashes album is the sort of music that might survive The Drift. You find it on the gravel road beside you -a little charred.

I like that a lot.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds great. I also choose a certain soundtrack for projects. I wonder afterward, what it would have turned out to be, if I had listened to ... Emmylou instead of the National...or Nick Drake instead of Chopin...or the radio...Lou Reed.

A the possibilities we cannot hold in our hands.