March 27, 2009

Mind-Forged Manacles

This is it. My film. It's called Mind-Forged Manacles. Watch it full-screen and loud.

Starring: Emilie Montreuil, Pollyanna Langford-Lacny
Crew: Sylvain Chaussee, Igor Ivanov, Marina Klimoff
Assistant Editor: Joel Hubick

An achingly clear 16mm print with a professionally mastered soundtrack will be playing at Cinema du Parc on April 1-7th as part of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema Film Festival here in Montreal. I think.


Leif said...

I quite liked it Matthew, although were it not for the dialogue between yourself and Joel, I would have been completely confused rather than... mildly... confused. Great stuff.

ThisIsWonderStuff said...

Assistant Editor eh? I thought the music was great and the string was especially beautiful. True to form I will be immaturely honest, for the first minute I was incredibly sceptical (perhaps that was to be expected?) but the moment with the double-sided card really opened it up for me. It's too short, make us more! Good work my pal, very proud of you.

jon said...

i like how it all went together and came together (music, image, sound, theme and ambience). i thought it was a really affectively depicted short film. i don't know much about working with film, but it looked like you did a lot of different things and it seemed to me to work quite well. it made me miss actual film.

i don't want to insult the picture with immediate interpretation, but in made me feel like I was seeing an x-ray into a photo shoot, revealing the reality behind the gloss, which itself of course can't necessarily be seen as reliable reality either.

i'd like to see this theme explored in plot and dialogue as well.

thanks for sharing matthew. nice work.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Leif, the dialogue section made it clearer for you? I'm glad.

Pollyanna (wonderstuff) I'm so glad you ended up enjoying it. The double-sided card was the "moment" for you? I'm glad that shot helped, 'cos it's the one that inspired me to make the film.

Jon, I like your interpretation. I tried hard to NOT make a film that was deliberately obtuse; I wanted to "say" a particular thing using cinematic language. Interpretations such as the one you've offered are the kind I was hoping to recieve.

Thanks guys.

Trev said...

Creepy and chilling in all the right ways. It made me feel tense! Great work.

Anonymous said...

dave's calling you soon about this.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Trev: thanks.

Forrest: alright!