February 27, 2009

Munt Ree- all

I went to this concert.

Fucking I don't know. Everyone looked like they belonged on a catwalk. There were supermodels there. Seriously. Weird weird. Yeah, actual supermodels, like from magazines. I recognized them. You would too. They're on TV. And everyone was dressed to impress, wearing plaid, and skinny pants, with coloured hair and stuff. I was not dressed to impress.

It was in this place that used to be a swimming pool. They turned it into a concert hall.

I'm drunk. And exaggerating. There were no supermodels. Yes there were.

This band came on and the lead singer was wearing gotch on the outside of his clothes. I wished I was a fascist. They had thick glasses and they danced like folks from the 50s, except they had mullets.

The music was no good. Really awful.

Montreal man! What the hell?!

There were these policemen at the back. They seemed like the only sane people in the room.

Yeah. Exactly.

I hated it, I loved it.

I loved the young girls dancing. That part I loved. And obviously the supermodels.

Then I took a taxi home. He was this old, bald guy. He seemed pretty unimpressed with my drunkenness. He drove me through all these tunnels I didn't know existed, and he listened to mid-90s hip-hop. Kriss-Kross.

One of the strangest nights of my life.


jon said...

funny. good job with the cab.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to get you, as a narrator. I feel intrigued by the fact that I both can and cannot trust you. Also I am intrigued by how life is as untrustworthy as we are. whoa, questions are arising a mile a minute right now...what are you having for lunch?

In the documentary "scratch" one guy talks about how, in the early hip hop/DJ scene, there were always two or three japanese businessmen at the back of the clubs. Every show, every club, they were there. They didnt fit, they knew where 'it' was at. apparently, they knew.


jon said...

yeah i agree with forrest.

i like being the guy out of place at the back sometimes.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Japanese businessmen. I'd forgotten.

Forrest, are you beginning to get me as a narrator? I think I'm glad.

There are lies on this blog. But I try to be ethical and truthful with them. I try very very hard.

Lunch: Kilkenny and poutine.

Jon, I would very much like to stand at the backs of rooms with you. That's how much I like you.

Anonymous said...

I would also stand at the back of the room with you...both.

Ive got a joke: Did you ever hear that one about a film student, a Chesterton nerd, and a poet standing in the back of a room? well...